Datum: 10-10-2017 | Ruud van Eldik

Hyperakt is a Brooklyn-based social impact design agency. We build brand identities and digital experiences for leading social impact organizations. Our clients are humanitarian organizations, philanthropies, tech innovators, universities, and social enterprises who tackle the toughest challenges of our time and champion those who have been left behind — Ford Foundation, Google, Spotify, Amnesty International, the City of New York, and more.

We are a small team of passionate designers, strategists, producers, developers, and all-round storytellers. We love Monday morning bagels, team lunches, cracking open a beer at the end of the day, going bowling, and exploring the city’s cultural institutions. We come from diverse backgrounds, walks of life, multiple continents, and are excited to welcome another Hyperaktivist into the fold.


Een goeie tip van brad Hassley is om een resources page te maken, van bijvoorbeeld de gebruikte productie tools. De resources kunnen als affiliates dienen, en inkomsten genereren. Ook in de footer is daar ruimte voor. Bijvoorbeeld in de vorm van partners.


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