Datum: 28-09-2017 | Ruud van Eldik

PublishPress provides you with a powerful editorial calendar. Using the PublishPress Calendar, you’re able to see when content is planned, and when it was published. You can create content directly on the calendar. You can also drag-and-drop content to a new publication date:

The Content Overview screen allows you to drill down and see content organized by status, categories, or users. In the top-right corner is a Print button. You can click this to get a printable overview of all your planned content. PublishPress allows you to leave comments under each post you write. This is a private conversation between writers and editors and allows you to discuss what needs to be changed before publication.


Een goeie tip van brad Hassley is om een resources page te maken, van bijvoorbeeld de gebruikte productie tools. De resources kunnen als affiliates dienen, en inkomsten genereren. Ook in de footer is daar ruimte voor. Bijvoorbeeld in de vorm van partners.


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